OK folks, this is my holding page for my fiction writing, because I haven’t written that much yet.

For non-fiction, I have a few management and leadership books available now and you can see them here.

I have two novels that I started in 2014 and they were not very good drafts, so I was put off and everything went into a metaphorical drawer. You can see them at the bottom of this page. Note, I may┬áhave more to come with ‘Red’, and I’ll tell you when I have more news.

My current work in progress is initially titled ‘From There to Here‘ and I am editing this full-length novel as I write this, in January 2017. It is the┬ástory of a restless professional mid-20s woman who seeks adventure and travel, finds and loses love only to realise that sometimes, things come full circle in the end.

I’ve also challenged myself to write a pretty short story each week, starting January 2017 for 52 full weeks, both as practice and also to build my discipline. But most of all, I love the challenge and fun of writing about something that comes into my head for a bit of fun!

Previous efforts, totally unpublished!

‘The Story of Isa’, a medieval adventure that is in draft and will be edited and polished over the next couple of months, with a July schedule for publishing on Kindle (there, I said it, so it must happen).

‘Red’ is a modern crime thriller set in Kansas (I think!) and is in a similar state to ‘Isa’ above, with a provisional date of August.