OK folks, this is my holding page for my fiction writing, because I haven’t written that much yet. Currently writing a story a month to prompts from “Writers Write‘. The first one is viewable from the category on the right.

For non-fiction, I have a few management and leadership books available now and you can see them here.

I have two novels that I started in 2014 and they were not very good drafts, so I was put off and everything went into a metaphorical drawer. You can see them at the bottom of this page. Note, I may have more to come with ‘Red’, and I’ll tell you when I have more news.

My current work in progress is initially titled ‘From There to Here‘ and I am editing this full-length novel as I write this, in January 2017. It is the story of a restless professional mid-20s woman who seeks adventure and travel, finds and loses love only to realise that sometimes, things come full circle in the end. This has been edited with work to do (as of May 2017).

I have also started a 10-12k short-story tentatively called ‘City Girl‘, which is in first edit and then we’ll see. I rather like shorter stories as I feel more in control of the whole story in one go, so maybe that’s my direction going forwards.

Previous efforts, totally unpublished!

‘The Story of Isa’, a medieval adventure that is in draft and will be edited and polished over the next couple of months, with a July schedule for publishing on Kindle (there, I said it, so it must happen).

‘Red’ is a modern crime thriller set in Kansas (I think!) and is in a similar state to ‘Isa’ above, with a provisional date of August.